Erskine Classes


Do you have a prima ballerina on your hands? Does your son want to moonwalk like Michael Jackson? Or does your daughter want to be an American cheerleader? If so have a look at our class timetable listed below:

All classes held at : Erskine Baptist Church Park Hill Park Mains Erskine PA8 7HE


4pm – 4.45pm P2-3 Stretch and Skills
4.45pm – 5.30pm Tiny Tots Stretch and Skills (age 2-3) 
5.30pm – 6.15pm Starlite Stretch and Skills (age 4-5) 
6.15pm – 7pm P4-7 Stretch and Skills
7pm – 7.45pm Infusion Rocks Juniors and Seniors (P4-7 and Seniors) 
7.45pm – 8.30pm Senior Stretch and Skills


3.45-4.30pm P1-3 Hip Hop 
3.45-4.30pm P4-7 Hip Hop 
4.30-5.15pm P1-3 Cheerleading 
4.30-5.15pm P4-7 Cheerleading 
5.15-6pm P1-3 Commercial 
5.15-6pm P4-7 Commercial 


4.00-4.45pm P4-7 Contemporary 
4.45-5.30pm P4-7 Jazz 
5.30-6.15pm Senior Ballet (Pointe shoes required) 
6.15-7.00pm Senior Contemporary 
7.00-7.45pm Senior Commercial 
7.45-8.30pm Senior Hip Hop 


4.45pm 5.30pm P4-7 Drama 
5.30pm – 6.15pm Senior Heels/ Jazz
6.15pm – 7pm Senior Musical Theatre 
7pm – 7.45pm Senior Tap 
7.45pm – 8.30pm Adult Tap 


4.30pm-5.15pm Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap/Modern (age 2-3) 
5.15pm-6.00pm Starlite Ballet/Tap/Modern (age 4-5) 


9.00am-9.45am Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap/Modern (age 2-3) 
9.45am-10.30am Starlite Ballet/Tap/Modern (age 4-5) 
10.30am-11.15am Starlite – P3 Musical Theatre 
11.15am-12.00pm P2-3 Ballet 
12.00pm-12.45pm P2-3 Tap 
12.45pm-1.30pm P4-7 Musical Theatre 
1.30pm-2.15pm P4-7 Ballet 
2.15pm-3.00pm P4-7 Tap