“I am a mum from Erskine with a 6 year old boy. My son attends the boy’s only class with Infusion Dance Company which is run by Laura and Ashleigh. Ross had been to another dance class in Erskine but did not enjoy it and we could not believe the difference when he joined Infusion. He has met new friends and his overall confidence has increased, he says he likes the music and the cool moves that the girls teach them. His gym teacher at school also commented on the difference in him when they do dance at school now.  Laura and Ashleigh keep everything up to date and always include the boys listening to their ideas and suggestions on moves this way the boys always feel a part of the group. Looking forward to this year’s display as last year was fantastic, which is a huge credit to the very hard working and patient teachers.” – Wilma

“Niamh loves Infusion especially the Infusion Rocks class. Laura and Ashleigh are great with the kids and are amazing teachers. Catriona is also great with them and adds another dimension to the school. The school has come along so much in the short time they have been going and I am sure it will continue to prosper.” – Cath

“My girls love every dance class they are involved in. Even all the mums love a little catch-up time when kids are in their classes.” – Lyndsey

“The boy’s only class is great for my son. He loves all the tricks he learns, never stops talking about it.” – Claire

“Both my son and daughter love the classes they go to and are really excited about them. They practice at home constantly and absolutely love their dance teachers.” – Caroline

“My two girls aged 6 and 2 absolutely love the classes. Laura and Ashleigh are fantastic with the kids and they count the days to the next class. I Would thoroughly recommend the classes to both girls and boys.” – Yvonne

“My daughter loves coming to dancing classes. She loves Laura and Ashleigh, they are really good with the children. She has been coming since she was 2 years old and she’s now 6 years old. She has made lots of friends through coming to dancing.” – Fiona

“My daughter Emma really enjoys the hip hop and cheerleading. She has made new friends and is more confident. She looks forward to coming every week. Emma really likes Laura and Ashleigh who are both really good with all the children.”

 “Both my daughters come and I can see a real difference in their confidence since they started coming to Infusion. I also attend the adult tap which I really enjoy.” – Jennifer

“Both of my daughters come to Infusion Dance and they love it. Laura and Ashleigh are fantastic with the children; they are always positive and have good relationships with both children and parents.” – Lisa

“My great granddaughter Taylor who is 6 has attended Infusion Dance Company since they started classes in Erskine and Inchinnan and also attends the classes they hold in her Primary School. She really loves the classes she attends and has made some lovely friends there. Taylor has never needed encouragement to continue dancing and I believe this is due to the high levels of enthusiasm and professionalism displayed by Laura, Ashleigh and Catriona, the dance teachers. They are fabulous teachers and always seem to get the best out of the children, their school holiday camp classes are also really enjoyed by Taylor. I would definitely recommend Infusion to children or adults who enjoy dancing.” – Anne

“My daughter really enjoys Infusion. Laura and Ashleigh have a very personal approach which made my daughter feel at ease straight away when she started. She now has lots of new friends and she loved the show at Paisley Town Hall. She has grown more confident because of it. I would recommend Infusion to every adult and child as there is a big range in classes with many different days, times and locations to choose from. In addition, the girls from Infusion are very community minded and keep their prices very low.”- Suzanne, Erskine