Please see below for information on class prices and payment schedules for August 2016- June 2017.

Infusion Dance Company class fees are payable in blocks of 4-5 weeks throughout the term. Please ensure fees are paid on time at the start of each block. Class fees must be paid in advance and not in arrears. Failure to pay fees on time may unfortunately have to result in your child’s name being removed from the class register. Classes are extremely busy and waiting lists are in place for those who cannot reserve a space, your fees will ensure your child’s place is kept at the classes of their choice. Fees are non refundable in case of absence or holidays and are payable through out the year whilst classes are running. Classes will re commence on Monday 14th August at Erskine/Inchinnan classes and all fees will be due at your child’s first class of the week. Each class is priced at £4 and a half price sibling discount is also available. Our dance card option is extremely popular for those children taking more than 5 classes per week as it allows them to receive multiple free classes per week. Please see below for our payment schedule and fee due dates throughout the year also including set holidays which we will be taking off over the year. Please note no long weekends/bank holidays etc will be taken off –

Classes Per Week Cost x 4 Weeks Cost x 5 Weeks
1 £16 £20
2 £32 £40
3 £48 £60
4 £64 £80
5+ £80 £100

Class Fees Due Dates –

  • Mon 14th August- Sat 9th September (4 weeks)
  • Mon 11th September- Sat 14th October ( 5 weeks)
  • October week holiday and no classes from Mon 16th Oct- Sat 21st Oct (1 week)
  • Mon 23rd Oct- Sat 18th Nov (4 weeks)
  • Mon 20th Nov- Sat 16th Dec (4 weeks)
  • Christmas holidays and no classes from Mon 18th Dec- Sat 6th Jan (3 weeks)
  • Mon 8th Jan- Sat 3rd Feb (4 weeks)
  • Mon 5th Feb- Sat 3rd Mar (4 weeks)
  • Easter holidays and no classes on from Mon 2nd April- Sat 14th April (2 weeks)
  • Mon 16th April- Sat 12th May (4 weeks)
  • Mon 14th May-Sat 9th June (4 weeks)

Your patience during the week which fees are due is greatly appreciated as we are sure you will understand it is a very busy time. To make this process faster and easier for everyone, fees must be put in an envelope with child’s name clearly marked on the front and handed in. Should there be any changes made to particular classes your fees will be adjusted accordingly and you will be notified in advance. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque.